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 Ammikal. A shard of a Plane that was detroyed by an ancient war between the first gods and their creators. A Plane that was nearly torn from the chaotic order of the multiverse by the Great War with the Half God.

Now the true gods have grown distant and fallen silent. Now horrors from other realities haunt the wilds between the walled and warded cities. Now mages and magic has become a rarity, except were the Great War has left its scars.

But were the old arcane bloodlines remain they overflow with power. Now is a time of slow restoration. Ammikal strives to surpass its golden age.

Places & Geography

Choose which continent you wish to learn more about, and you can see its notable locations and the local affects of the Fracture.

Races & Cultures

See information on known and exint sentient species.

Magic & Psionics

Learn about the arcane intracicies of the Art and the newer disciplines of the Will.

Gods & Religions

Learn about the wide variety of paths of worship known throughout Ammikal.

Forces, Groups, & Organizations

Information on the most powerful Empires and the most obscure cults.


Learn about the past that has forged Ammikal. 

Flora & Fauna

The wild life of Ammikal from the carnivous Buoy Trees to gentle deer.  

Main Page

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