Gods and Religions

Pelor: God of the Sun, Lord of Light, Keeper of Time, Giver of Harvests. (LG)

Kord: God of Battle, Bringer of Storms, Armorer of the Valiant. (NG)

Corellon: God of the Arts, Lord of Spring and Beauty. (NG)

Asmodeus: God of Slavery, Great Tyrant, Master of Chains, Lord of the Nine Hells. (LE) 

The Raven Queen: Goddess of Death, The Cold Lady, Mistress of Fate, Guide of the Passage. (Unaligned)

Nurgle: God of Decay, Lord of Flies, Gifter of Plagues and Pestilence. (NE)

Era'Mathus: Goddess of Magic, Eternal Seeker, Master of Change, the Copper Sorceress (N)

Ioun: Goddess of Knowledge, Lauder of skill, the Revealer, Lady of Prophets. (Unaligned)

Vecna: God of Secrets, the Maimed God, Lord of Liches, Master of Undead. (NE)

Var: God of Roads, the Great Pilgrim, Protector of Travelers, Singer of Freedom. (CG)

Dyonithius: God of Pleasure, Lord of Revelry, Lady of Wine. (CN)

Korath: God of Slaughter, the Blood God, Lord of Hate, Sower of Destruction, Lord of Murder. Hater of all Good. (CE) 

Aeroth: Goddess of Seas, Rivers, and Deserts. (N)

Mammaeyl: God of Mountains and Forests. Lord of the Wilds. (N)

Kiol: God of Trickery, the Laughing God, Lord of Lies, He of Many Faces, the Great Thief. (CN) 

Moradin: God of Honor, the Great Crafter, Lord of Stone.  (LG)

Be'il: Goddess of Order, Keeper of the Law, the Great Judge, Founder of Civilization. (LN)

Janus: God of Doors, Lord of Beginnings and Ends, Changer of the Paths.(Unaligned)

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Gods and Religions

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